Geeky Things

Our digital classroom.

The most ambitious part of our short-term goals, Geeky Things is both an on-demand delivery service, and eventually, our live broadcasting deployment. A majority of our audio and visual material will also be produced by Geeky Things.

Eventually, we envision that there will be two “TV” channels and two “radio” channels. The “first” channel of each platform will be pre-recorded, edited and finalised content scheduled by an automation system. The “second” channel on both platforms will switch to live raw content that is currently being recorded in one of our or our partner studios. The second channels are based upon a similar set up like BBC Parliament / C-Span. Through our systems, we will also be able to switch to any of our Pixel Exchanges on-the-fly, as talks or presentations are happening.

Yes, this sounds rather expensive - but with a lot of our plans for the next few years, a surprising amount can now be achieved by relatively decent cost-effective PCs and a decent web connection. All our channels will be broadcast via the web, known as "IP-TV" and "IP-Audio" (the IP stands for Internet Protocol). This basically means that by using the same (or similar) systems that are used to distribute websites, can now be used to distribute bigger files like video and audio / radio.

Our overall objective with Geeky Things is to allow anyone with an internet connection, on any device, instant access to our content and learning materials. Our hope is that schools and community groups will also use this content, in partnership with the learning resources created by Power of the Pixel, to create an even more engaging and inspiring teaching atmosphere.