Access for All


It is fundamentally important that all our resources, workshops and teaching materials are accessible for all, and no one should receive less favourable treatment on the basis of, nor suffer disadvantage by reason of:

  • Age;
  • class or socio-economic status;
  • ethnic origin, nationality (or statelessness) or race;
  • gender (including gender reassignment);
  • marital or civil partnership status;
  • sexual orientation;
  • disability (including mental or physical ability);
  • political belief;
  • religion or belief (including the absence of belief)

Pixelated Projects understands that there maybe additional barriers that may hinder a person from accessing our resources due to disability, class or socio-economic status, and ethnic origin. We will strive to ensure all resources that are created can be accessed, in the best medium possible:

  • All videos to have subtitles / closed captioning;
  • all videos re-edited and distributed as Audio books, with audio description, for blind & partially-sighted individuals;
  • all digital literature to be generated to ensure screen-readers can access correctly
  • all printed literature will also be produced in large-print

Additional care will be sought to ensure our resources are accessible to persons from disadvantaged backgrounds. In fact, as we are using technology as a fundamental part of our distribution model for easy on-demand access, we are acutely aware that this in itself will be a barrier to some individuals.