To Educate


We wish to inspire people and organisations to achieve their potential through using on-line and technology resources – as well as understanding the risks and concerns that can affect their usage.

Our resources, workshops and teaching resources will eventually create a vast library of on-demand learning, all structured as Basic, Intermediate and Advanced. The eventual aim is to cover all elements of technology from robotics to design. Our website will be the main gateway for “the general public” to gain access to video tutorials explaining a vast array of subjects including:

  • Programming languages
    For example: PHP, HTML, C++, .net, JavaScript, Python, Ruby etc.
  • Hardware tutorials
    To encourage hands-on electronics design and prototyping through micro-controllers, sensors, lights, motors, and other actuators; based upon Arduino & Raspberry Pi initiatives
  • Software tutorials
    Covering both open and closed source:
    Microsoft Office Suite, Adobe Creative Suite, OwnCloud, Anti-Virus deployment etc.
  • Video, Audio & Design production
    From pre-production to post-production and distribution
  • Web Development
    Demonstrating how to deploy and manage server-side based technologies

Each subject will have worksheets and classroom activities aimed for schools, colleges and community groups encouraging hands-on experiences with technology, design and computing.