To Demonstrate


Pixelated Projects believes that maximum learning and understanding of new skill-sets can only be achieved through hands-on teaching through real-life examples and demonstrations.

As a core value of our organisation we will endeavour to partner with, and gain access to, fellow profit and non-profit organisations to document how they achieved their unique goals for particular projects.

We also will encourage educational institutions to bring closer how they teach Maths, Engineering and Sciences with technology. Through project-based learning, we believe that there should be more cross-subject integration based upon the national curriculum.

This cross-pollination of ICT lessons, working in partnership with their Science or Maths counterparts would allow technology used as the core tool to achieve the desired goals in science experiments.

Project-lead learning is also an area we wish to excel in. By following our “showing-by-doing” principle, we will produce projects or services to specifically demonstrate how it was produced. This may include working with partners on specific projects, but always with the primary aim of teaching the process. By showing the process, as well as allowing individuals to access the final working project, we believe it will encourage individuals to innovate further, and share their own experiences.