Support Pixelated Projects & Pixel Exchange while shopping at Amazon

From the very beginning of creating Pixelated Projects, we’ve been looking for different, unique ways for people to actively support our ambitious goals.

Today, we are very excited to announce that you can support Pixelated Projects & the proposed Pixel Exchange project while shopping on Amazon.

This is how it works:

  1. The Basics
    When you purchase anything on Amazon via our special link, Amazon will pay us 4% of the purchase price. You don’t pay anything extra, the “commission” is paid from Amazon’s profits.
  2. For Individuals AND Businesses
    From Blurays and DVDs to reams of paper for the photocopier and big tins of coffee for the office, it all adds up. If you know someone who does the purchasing at work, please ask the to purchase through our link to help support us.
  3. The Science Bit
    All we ask is that you click: www.pixelatedprojects.org/amazon and bookmark the new Amazon page you arrive at (in the new tab / window). This new page has all the secret sauce built in it. Every time you wish to visit Amazon, use this new bookmark link, and everything else works automatically. The great bit, it works on all devices!

Ts & Cs

  • Privacy is paramount. Pixelated Projects never gets any information from Amazon concerning individuals / businesses purchasing the products via our special link. We only recieve information about the item purchased, how much it was listed, and how much we made from the purchase.
  • The special link only works directly with Amazon. If you use an app, then those purchases do not count towards our total.
  • Our special link works geo-locates to 11 different countries including UK, USA, Canada, France, Spain & Germany. Follow the link to double-check if it’ll work for you if you’re outside these countries.
  • Every month, Pixelated Projects needs to link directly to 5 products, as part of our terms with Amazon. We will highlight cool purchases others have made via our special link to make it more interesting.
  • We get paid 2 months after the month we are in. For example, if purchases are made in January, we won’t receive the cheque from Amazon until March. This allows time for shipping products, returns etc.
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