Meetings, meetings, and MORE meetings

So it has been a while since I last updated you kind fellows on what is happening within Pixelated Projects, so let’s take a moment.

Most of my weeks have been taken up with rather saucy meetings with some rather interesting people in and around Haverhill. Most of the time, a meeting is always a good excuse for some coffee and a good chinwag. But these days for me, it can also be a bit of an anxious time – especially when I’m trying to remember who knows what and who doesn’t.

Yes, even Pixelated Projects has a few secrets up it’s sleeves these days. Not for secrets sake – but instead I think Haverhill (and East Anglia) deserves a few nice surprises – and if we get everything we need to achieve them, you should be pleasantly impressed. I also hope it’ll also mean that we can start carving our way our own identity as a Charity. Let me explain…

The more down the rabbit hole we go with setting up and running a charity, the more my team and I are getting to see the truth behind how some of the big boys run their campaigns and organisations. You know the ones, you see them on the telly-box all the time with their slow-moving black & white camera-shots and sad piano music asking for £2 per month. It’s like looking behind the curtain to see the real wizard of Oz.

Now even though what they are doing isn’t shady or “against the rules” – the more I learn, the more I dislike their approach. I want Pixelated Projects to be different. To treat everyone with the respect you deserve, without having to play at your heart-strings constantly to pier-pressure you in to donating to our cause. Personally, I would like Pixelated Projects to be a little tongue-in-cheek – have a little bit of an attitude. Having fun while we do our work.

So this week (at yet another coffee fueled meeting), we have decided that Pixelated Projects will never produce some form of “guilt-tripping” black & white, slow moving camera-shot anything. We will be as open and honest (as we can be) about our activities and explain exactly what we are doing, and why we are doing it. In fact, while I’m typing this, I’m actually taking a break from redesigning our website to reflect this new approach of ours – which I hope you’ll get to see in the next few weeks.

But saying that, most of my time has been spent going to meetings for a secret project – which I’m seriously hoping people in and around Haverhill will approve of and can get behind. As without your support, it just won’t be able to able to happen.

So I’ll leave you with all that cryptic nonsense for now – and hope I can chat about it with you soon.

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