Pixelated Projects Interview on Wednesday Night Live

This evening, I was very kindly invited to join Jonny, Rach & Aaron from Wednesday Night Live on a community radio station Ignite Radio to talk about Pixelated Projects. Even though I had been on their show many times before, it was the first time where I was talking about Pixelated Projects in a public forum – and so was strangely nervous.

We spoke about:

  • Where the idea for Pixelated Projects came from
  • Overall plans are for the project
  • Examples of support work that Pixelated Projects will do
  • Explanation about PixelNet
  • How people can support our cause

Wednesday Night Live – 11th June 2014 – Pixelated Projects Interview by Ignite Radio on Mixcloud

A big thank you to the Wednesday Night Live team for allowing the time and space on their radio show to promote our project – you were ALL very kind (even if Rachael broken PixelNet live on air!).

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