Welcome to the Pixelation Nation

So it’s been a long time coming, but Pixelated Projects has finally arrived! So I thought it was only fitting, that on this awesome occasion, I’d say hello and hopefully give you some insight on what is happening inside our fledgling organisation.

Since the middle of February this year, I’ve had a simple vision: To create an unbiased, truth resource of quality information to teach everyone how to make the most of the technology they have at their fingertips. A very ambitious task, I know. But one that is extremely important in this ever expanding digital world that we all live.

By allowing everyone the opportunity to have access to this information, I sincerely hope that amazing innovation can be made. It will spark new ideas and concepts for people. That anyone with a cracking idea for a new website, app or device will be able to act on it – instead of dwelling on the “what ifs”.

The one area that I’m very passionate about is our “Access for All” policy – even though I’m very dubious about calling it a ‘policy’. (A policy to me is that document that’s written to tick a box on some to-do list somewhere, of which the end result is hidden a way in a lever-arch folder, collecting dust.) I see “Access for All” as our statement of fact. The guarantee to you, of which everything that we will do is hung from. It’s written in stone, Pixelated Projects will ensure everything that is created and done is accessible to all.

The way I see the future of Pixelated Projects is simple: we can only work if we can be open and honest with you – to  build that trust that’s obviously needed for our project to succeed. Hence this blog post. Of course, there will inevitably be times where we may need to be slightly hush-hush on certain things until they are released. But I’m hoping that we can be at least 99.9% transparent with you.

And that starts now…
There are two big transition periods coming up on our horizon very soon:

  1. In the very near future, we will be opening up our pixel doors to start looking for volunteers to become part of Pixelated Projects – and members of the Pixelation Nation. These positions will be covering a range of skill sets, and majority of them will not be location specific – meaning that as long as you have a PC and a web connection, you’ll be able to help us create some awesome.
  2. However, the biggest hurdle that we are facing currently is becoming a fully-fledged charity. Here in the UK, to become a registered charity with the Charity Commission, your organisation (quite rightly) needs to have raised £5000 – which currently means Pixelated Projects is a not-for-profit organisation and not a non-profit (who knew there was actually a difference?!).Personally, I’m looking forward to becoming a registered charity, as it would mean that Pixelated Projects would be audited annually and of course all our incomes & expenses would be published openly on the Charity Commission website for all to see – bringing much more transparency to our organisation, to continue to build that trust that I spoke about before.

To help us raise the £5000, we are currently working on a fund-raising event called “Defeating Snowdon”, which more information will be coming shortly – especially on how you can get involved. Also if you’d like to kindly help us financially, you can do so by donating safely and securely via our Support Us page, which is powered by Paypal.

If you cannot support us financially, then please support us by helping to get the word out:

It all really does help!

I hope this gives you more insight of the aims and principles we are putting in place, to ensure the credibility and longevity of Pixelated Projects. I’m hoping to be able to check-in with you as and when there is more information. But until then, thanks for reading this rambling blog post, and I hope to chat to you again soon.

Yours in Pixels,

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