True innovation is stifled if there are any barriers to knowledge.

Pixelated Projects is a non-profit organisation that is transforming learning for all – breaking down the barriers to gain access to knowledge. Our project-lead and project-based learning approach engages students (young & old) with a dynamic, rigorous curriculum. We are creators of truthful and unbiased educational resources, workshops and research.

Tackling Online Social Issues

To educate, inform, and support individuals, communities, organisations and learning institutions concerning online and technology-based social issues

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Free Educational Resources

To create fair, unbiased and truthful training, teaching resources and support to individuals, communities, organisations and learning institutions about accessing and applying new technologies

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Showing by Doing

To demonstrate and train usability and practicality of open source [free] software and technologies, and their positive applications in the "real world"

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Your amazing contribution to our cause will help positively change lives; Help combat major social issues like Cyberbullying & allow us to create unbiased educational resources.